The problem your project solves

The huge workload of healthcare workers and the risks of being infected during the crisis; the difficulty of effectively informing patients regarding their medical and psychological condition because of the healthcare system overload.

The solution you bring to the table (including technical details, architecture, tools used)

The AI-empowered chatbot integrated with telemedicine and e-health systems, which takes over human work. RemoteDoc effectively categorizes patients by their condition, providing screening questionnaires, and scheduling remote consultations. This reduces the risk of being infected during the pandemic time and saves cost and time for healthcare institutions in general. Apart from helping with infectious diseases, the chatbot can do pre-screening for the psychological condition, which is extremely important during times where a lot of people are being isolated and need psychological help. The chatbot can be integrated into WhatsApp and Messenger.

We used the platform for the chatbot creation. Connected with Calendly, it allows scheduling of meetings using Zoom or Google hangouts. Doctors are being registered in Hubspot. The patient pre-screening information is transferred to the doctor via Calendly and Hubspot, so doctors can check this information wherever it's more comfortable for them and organize it similar to medical histories. We created a web site with an explanation of the process and a possibility to try out the functional demo for patients and enroll in the system for doctors.

What have we done lately

  • added the depression scoring to the bot
  • defined EU countries to start with (Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania)
  • conducted a lot of validation interviews
  • requested introductions to the relevant professionals and received them (thanks to mentors)
  • composed a list of over 1000 professionals to be contacted further
  • improved our technical knowledge (thanks to mentors)
  • improved our knowledge on legal matters (thanks to mentors)
  • composed a questionnaire for gathering feedback from the demo users
  • conducted demonstrations and got initial feedback
  • improved website
  • fought some bugs

The solution’s impact to the crisis

  • Reducing workload on human healthcare workers by providing patient triaging
  • Speed up of patient screening process
  • Accessibility of information for patients regarding their condition (bot works 24/7 via WhatsApp & FB)

The necessities in order to continue the project

  • GDPR compliance (privacy policy and so on)
  • Intros to healthcare professionals

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

Optimization in the patient triaging process will still be valuable. The telemedicine consultations will be more common, hence tools like RemoteDoc will have more demand.

The URL to the prototype


Right now the healthcare system experiences immense overload and there is a huge need in process optimization and infection risk reduction. We were inspired by the idea of helping doctors and patients to secure themselves using telemedicine during the coronavirus pandemics.

Challenges we ran into

It is challenging to find the accurate risk scoring algorithm for the risk of having the COVID-19 . So we need to re-iterate this with expertise from healthcare professionals.

We've got the initial validation of our idea during the interview stage, but we need the real validation of the product. We are actively looking for the organization to run the pilot with.

We also need an expert to help us with the legal side of this project — GDPR compliance, understand the legal implications of using this system for doctors and psychotherapists within and outside of the EU, how do we create the terms of service and so on.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We made a working minimal viable product (demo) in less than 24 hrs.

What we've learned

We learned that hacking tools like this can be really fun. We are looking forward to getting our expertise and knowledge to the point where it would really help people.

What's next for RemoteDoc

We are keen on getting the validation of this product with the professionals and run a pilot ASAP.

  1. Contact representatives of hospitals (doctors or who has the core link to the hospitals) to search for pilot users (hospitals or clinics) or those who can help with the real-life case. We would like to let more people try out our product and give us feedback.
  2. Create privacy notice
  3. Run pilots, improve, re-iterate

in the future, RemoteDoc will be integrated with e-health systems in hospitals.

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