The inspiration was in start the viewpoints and the accent of the sicilian developer Angelo Agatino from Danske Bank. He has especially talked a lot about IOT Technology! and Microservices where from we get a lot of our main design principles.

What it does

It makes it possible to play together with other from a long distance and makes it easy to build further tools or games using the platform.

How we built it

We setup a Joystick which is connected to a Arduino that has a serial-port open to a computer. The computer then has a Node-JS script running which listens on the port and sends the data on to a .NET API using Websockets. The API then processes the raw data for making basic user-instruction objects. A frontend then calls the API via another Websocket and uses the instructions to move a player and for our specific example-game move two dots around a screen.

Challenges we ran into

Websockets were not supported on AWS. The first Arduino we had, the Spark Core, took a long to flash for each update which made the continues development slow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Setting up the webockets since we had never tried this before.

What we learned

using websockets in js and .Net Core C#. analogs signal handling via Arduino.

What's next for remotecontroltheworld

Making more games and further develop to support more controllers.

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