This application can take easily a picture with only a remote control application.

remote camera application can do it to take pictures without someone that to take picture when you want groups photo or couple's to take photo

step1. at two smartphones download and run the application . step2. you do a bluetooth connection to each app. step3. Each of the two phones to connect to the remote control, set the camera.

set the camera to take a proper position to take a picture then you Take place in a position to take a picture

step1. The application of 'gear2' is does not require connection step2. Also through gestures, you can use the remote shooting function.

Set the remote control of phones posed 'images taken' touch. Photo taken at the same time pressing the photos are automatically stored in the internal memory. use remote control functions even if you do not take a camera. you can view photos at the album section in the app

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