Recently, a family friend had a stroke. She didn't take her medication recently. Had she taken it at the prescribed times, this issue would not have happened.

We thought about a solution to solve such a problem. Some of our team members are hardware developers. We decided on creating a smart IoT hardware device to enforce medication usage. Hence remote pharmacy.

What it does

This device is placed inside a patients home. Medication pills are loaded through a caregiver, and dispensed through our device

This has the following benefits

  • We can track if a patient is taking their meds at prescribed times
  • Notifications are sent to caregivers via SMS if they are not
  • Our IoT device acts as a snooze alarm to remind patient to take meds

This hardware device has a front facing interface on the web, which shows real time histograms and controls for dispensing medication.

When a user uses our device, we have a facial recognition scanner to ensure the correct person is taking the right meds.

How we built it

We built it using nodeJS, Vue, and python/ML We used recycleable materials to build the enclosure for our device.

Arduino kits, camera, ML, servo motors were used

Challenges We ran into

We tried originally using google firebase integration, but had issues integrating with our web framework. We moved over to nodeJS and mongoDB as our backend and data layer respectively.

There were maps integration using deckgl but the data payload required from backend was complex, so we scraped idea

Some of the integrations from frontend to backend didn't work correctly because of different data formats.

There wasn't any medical experts on the team

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wrote frontend integrations to the site, the dashboard analytics page and control panel that dispenses pills.

What I learned

I learned how to utilize different Vue charting and data viz libraries, better understanding of clientside Vue routing, how IoT integrates with fullstack development, and a better understanding of how the medical industry works in general. The other team members learned how to integrate facial recognition amongst other things

What's next for Remote Pharmacy

We may take this prototype and make an actual physical smart IoT and bring it to homes


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