During these sensitive times, we need to maintain social distancing. However, there are times when we cannot do that, For example, An important machine breaks down in a hospital, the engineer who will come down to solve the problem and hence will be extremely vulnerable due to the hospital environment. Hence we aimed to build a solution where an engineer can remotely help even less skilled people in fixing that machine by providing AR based remote instructions step by step.

What it does

It provides an AR-based annotations lobby where two people can connect.One can point their camera to the region of the problem and the other can remotely guide them how to solve it without actually being there.They can guide them by means of 3D models,drawings and steps.

How I built it

Built it on UNITY3d for the game environment and Photon/ for network.

Challenges I ran into

It was a challenge to implement and integrate screensharing. We found a workaround but we aim to optimize this

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Providing jitter proof AR experience

What I learned

A lot about how lobbies work and how video camera feed can be fiddled around with

What's next for Remote Machine Repair Assistance

Optimization and more tools.

Built With

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