Remote learning in the time of COVID-19 has been challenging for students and teachers which requires new tools and approaches. Engagement and retention in students has demonstrated a 50% measured improvement using Augmented and Virtual Reality content.

What it does

Generates interactive quiz modules leveraging mobile AR. Students follow the video prompts and instructions. Drag and drop the 3D assets answer on top of the video instructor. Correct and Incorrect responses as well as session engagement statistics are recorded into a firebase database.

How I built it

Using the Unity platform we leveraged the AR Foundation SDK to create the augmented reality platform. The assets were downloaded and imported from CG Trader to simulate a sample molecular biology lesson plan. Video assets and 3D assets are maintained and delivered using Echo AR. The quiz statistics are stored in a real-time database file using the firebase SDK.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating the drag and drop Quiz interactions and integrating the Firebase and Echo AR platforms.

What's next for Remote Learning AR Quiz Modules

Creating CMS tools for the teachers to build, organize, share and distribute individual quiz content.

Built With

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