Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most schools have closed and moved to online learning. This led to many challenges such as difficulty engaging and providing materials. Students are more used to in-classroom learning and they can lose motivation to do school work. For this reason, we have built a platform that allows teachers to quiz, test and engage with students in a new way.

What it does

Users can create private rooms and invite others via a shareable link. No sign-up is required, the user simply enters their full name to join a room. Everyone in the room can communicate in real-time, the room creator can create challenges for others to participate in. Challenges range from questions, multiple choice, whiteboarding and sketching. Once the timer has ended, all students are able to see the correct answer, everyone's answer and how they did. You can use RemoteLearning with anyone, co-workers/students/friends etc. It benefits any group of people who are looking to learn and collaborate together.

How I built it

Websockets was used as the core bone behind the application, it supports messaging, challenges and syncing data.

Challenges I ran into

At the start, the idea was integrate a video chat similar to Zoom, however due to some technical challenges we decided to put it aside and develop an MVP with the core features (challenges).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have implemented the application, deployed to production and is ready to use. The real-time syncing works pretty well when creating challenges and interacting with other users, however this has only been tested on devices on the same network. There could be issues when using it across the global, we will be on it when that happens.

What I learned

Integrating real-time data using Websockets and WebRTC.

What's next for Remote Learning

Continue adding features and improving the platform, send it to users, schools and share it around.

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