CoVID, and the fact that labor is hard. It would be nice for physical laborers on a site to work from home.

What it does

Tele-operated broom with wheels. Allows a worker at home to remotely sweep up on a job site.

How we built it

Took some design from previous hack-a-thon, and expanded on it. 3D printed parts, T-Slot framing.

Challenges we ran into

Simulating the robot was harder than expected. Remote physical labor is a new concept. The size of the construction industry itself makes targeting use cases very hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can drive a robot around and sweep a room.

What we learned

Customer development is hard. Robot development is hard. Different markets ( US / Brazil ) have very different needs. Working with the mind of workers/managers.

What's next for Remote Labor

We'll pitch at the Startup round as well for the learning experience.

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