Work from home has become the new normal, how would interview from home sound ? REMO aims at providing an intergrated platform for facilitating the conduction of online interviews. That is where we took inspiration from. The ultimate goal is to ensure remote interviews are conducted in a hassle-free manner and are as close as possible to offline interviews

What it does

REMO offers the following features :

  • Secure audio-video interface
  • Real-time whiteboard, enabling the discussion of questions and solutions
  • Access to the interviewee’s Git profile, so projects and experience can be reviewed.
  • An instance of a cloud based lab, in order to facilitate the testing of technical skills. This is not limited only to code editors but is a virtual machine that will be provided. This can be accessed by both parties, so the process of testing is more efficient. In case there is a requirement to conduct an interview based on Amazon Web services, Azure Web services of Google cloud platform, or if there is a requirement to test skills related to the Linux or Windows command line, a virtual environment can be created to facilitate the same and in real-time. All the parties will have access to the virtual environment.
  • Chat interface.

How we built it

We worked in a team of three and split the work accordingly. We worked on the individual features and then assembled them together. The audio-video interface is built on WebRTC. The chat and whiteboard have been built on the socket. To access the contents of an individual's GitHub profile, we have made use of the GitHub API's. We have made use of a set of APIs to spin up the virtual machine with a server running on the Google cloud platform.

Challenges we ran into

  • Connecting the pre-interview and interview room
  • Calling the API’s to set-up the cloud lab
  • Integrating the individual functionalities
  • Integrating Node JS framework with our website
  • Have a running server to set up the virtual machine

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of the fact that we built all the features on our own. Establishing a peer connection with webRTC, and understanding the dynamics of socketIO has been the greatest achievement in this project.

What we learned

  • Backend Development
  • Interact with REST API’s
  • Version control
  • WebRTC
  • Socket IO
  • Querystrings and localStorage

What's next for REMO - Remote Interview Assist

  • We want REMO to benefit the masses and have a presence in the market.
  • Project → Product
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