The Problem ReGL Solves

The 4th Industrial Revolution, i.e. the digitised one and the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in law is a reality and a necessity. The need for the e-transformation of the legal profession has long been overdue and has been accelerated at a faster than ever anticipated pace by this pandemic.

As countries are moving into Phase 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic and the world is re-opening up, there is a need to return to work to help the economy roll but to also exercise social distancing so as to save lives and continue to flatten the curve of this pandemic.

The problem that needs be solved for legal professionals and their clients in need of legal services is to find a way to stay interconnected and globally continue to collaborate remotely in an efficient manner and in a safe way. ReGL will entail the creation of a platform to allow law professionals, and legal committees and institutions and clients to register, promote their services and needs, connect and interact with their clients.

The Solution ReGL Brings To The Table

It aims to bring into reality the option for legal professionals to remotely work with clients all over the world and deliver legal advise and dispute resolution.

Arbitration is already happening online and this is a trend to continue. ReGL will expand this trend to state trials, legal consultations and all legal work. ReGL will create a platform to:

1/ allow the creation of a database for legal professionals, to register and promote their services, i.e.

  • law firms and chambers to register and promote their services
  • clients to register and connect with law firms
  • arbitrators and mediators to register for clients to choose to appoint them from the database to be created
  • clients to choose arbitrators and mediators

2/ enable arbitral institutions to register to offer their rules for arbitrations to be able to go online

3/ allow more detailed search for clients which allows them to find the most appropriate legal practitioners they need

4/ allow the creation of virtual rooms for confidential meetings in the future

5/ allow the creation of a unified platform for all legal service providers to promote their services and collaborate with others

6/ launch a websites and an app (PC, MAC, iPhone and Android) via which users can choose the most convenient way to access the platform.

What We Have Done During The Weekend

We have worked to create and refine the content of the idea. The objective and nature of ReGL should be to create a platform with a database for legal professionals, to register and promote their services and for clients to connect with them. AI and machine learning is necessary as the platform will offer the service of matching the needs of the various participants in it, via an algorithm to be designed to include a search engine vital to the service as it will best match and connect clients and professionals according to various search terms .

The Solution’s Impact To The Crisis

According to scientists, the pandemic will not be over until a vaccine is rolled out to the public and it is not realistic to expect the vaccine and widespread immunisation of the public before 2021. During the pandemic, even after the lockdowns are lifted in various countries, people’s lifestyle will still be restricted: social distancing shall be observed.

ReGL should allow clients and legal professionals to choose each other online and work online and remotely in a way so as to not stop business flow and cash flow, whilst exercising social distance and saving lives.

Social distancing does not mean that business should stop and disputes should be hindered from being resolved via arbitration or mediation or state courts procedures.

The precise search provided by our platform makes sure the clients will find the most suitable legal practitioners according to their personal needs. This means the clients will not need to go to law firms, chambers and other legal organizations themselves; thus, social distancing will be preserved and business will be "as usual".

The platform will further support confidential virtual meetings so the clients and legal services providers can discuss their cases remotely. According to the needs of each client and case, the meetings can be recorded if necessary.

The Necessities In Order To Continue The Project

As per our initial business plan and costs estimate we will need funding and investors to realize the design, coding the application and marketing and launching the project.

Software engineers are needed for the project.

The Value Of Our Solution After The Crisis

We are proposing a platform to use even after the crisis as we will move into full emersion of the 4th Industrial Revolution and AI.

With the development of the platform, international disputes could be resolved without the need to go to another country. This saves costs and time and it is trend already in international arbitration. This is very likely to be the future of legal practices.

This platform also enables a client to find foreign legal practitioners in a particular country that the dispute arose, overcoming language and culture hurdles.

The platform promotes international collaboration of legal practitioners. Legal practitioners from different countries could be involved in one dispute and through our platform, they will be able to work together without the need to meet in real life.

What to do next?

Extend the Legal Practice services of ReGL to

  • Create virtual meeting rooms and tribunals
  • Be able to record legal work, trial / arbitration ( text or video as needed)
  • Provide data storage - Cloud as a potential solution

Expand to Legal Recruitment Services of ReGL to

  • Legal recruitment for all internship schemes and recruitment
  • Connect students and legal professionals for legal recruitment
    • We will offer interested potential candidates an online marketplace. They can upload their CVs, create profile and describe their skills and the desired positions they are looking for
    • For the hiring legal organizations we will offer a job board where they can publish their open positions
    • Another feature for them will be the possibility to look at the candidate database, browse CVs and connecting with potential candidates for further discussions
    • We will add also our matching and external recruitment service for those who do not find a suitable candidate profile, but are interested to fill their open positions as soon as possible.

Go-To-Market Strategy

For the first phase of the project we will spread the platform on any relevant and potential business listings, databases, and social media, with the aim to reach out faster the target audience.

We also will present our solution directly to the potential users and target groups – emailing, cold calling, participation on specific exhibitions.

For the second phase, we will put our efforts to reach out to potential candidates and to present them our job finding solution.

This will be covered also through the social media, universities, career centers for young professionals, job fairs, specific career exhibitions and events.

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