Our team primarily consists of students who are employed as Teaching Assistants in the Computer Sience program the Virginia Tech. We noticed a problem regarding students not understanding the material in class and being afraid to speak up. Most tools that are online don't allow students to give their feedback to a certain lectures without having to purchase extra devices to communicate in class (e.x. iclickers). Our goal was to create a software that centralizes different elements that a professor needs to succcesfully teach their courses. We decided to do that because we want people to speak up and communicate with their professor. We wanted to make remote education easier for people that are struggling in class that would like to get extra help, afraid to speak up.

What it does

Web The web user Interface allows the professors or teaching assistants to make different quizzes or polls to get the students responses and see if the students understand the materials. This process allows the instructors to see the students response to their lecture and solidify the foundations. Professors are also ablt o geet an analytics of the information, so that they may then adjust their course structure to best accomodate students.

Slack We use the slack app to collaborate with students, teachers, and helping TAs hold office hours remotely with a quick response to the students questions.In the slack the students can ask questions, attach files and send it to the TA's. The students can view the the different office hours held by the TA's, and be added to the queue to talk to them. This allows for students be able to wait for their turn without hving to physically be in the space and assists the TA in understanding how many students need help

How we built it

We built it using Node.js and MongoDB to set up the different responses for the students and store them in our data set. The frontend has been built in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and Sass. Slack is used as the primary mode of communication.

Challenges we ran into

Working with MongoDB and making sure that we receive different responses from the users and updating the slack properly to make sure people are placed in the queue properly. Receiving the quizzed and the polls from the GUI and making sure they are registered in the data sets properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of learning Node.js and overcoming our challenges. We were able to get most of our set milestones to make our Centralize Remote Education alive and allow people to communicate using slack for education.

What we learned

Learned that to prioritize features that make your application unique.

What's next for Remote edu

Implement Log files and improve the anonymous to mute the users with foul language

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