With the increasing problems of uncertain health issues and no-remote guidance to patients,people loose their near and dear ones.

How it works

we have developed a cloud solution for patients to get doctor's assistance immediately and with ease.

Doctors can track the live data from the patients body suggest the patient some remedies. The parameters supported for now are Heartbeat and Temperature.

All that is required from the end user is the IP of their device. We will be able to store, track and support. We also have hardware/sensors platform. The sensor types are customizable based on cost and other parameters. For more details, check out our products section.

Challenges I ran into:

Posting the sensor updates from arduino through nodejs,, johnny-five to internet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Most of it is done. A little tinkering will put the system in place. We are proud of two platforms developed by us in the 24 Hours.

  1. A hardware platform to which sensors can be connected and data can be posted LIVE.
  2. A web platform based on IBM Bluemix cloud and API's where any compatible hardware, sensor combination of any type can be integrated, just using the IP of the device.

What I learned:

IoT and everything related. Infact, we are always learning !

What's next for Remote Doctor Monitoring System:

Sky is the limit. It is going to be the next best health-care system based on IoT. Integration with much more sophisticated systems like wheel chair, which has much more sensors and heavy data flow and where the wheelchair can be controlled remotely.

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