Remote collaboration is the new norm thanks to COVID-19. Given the many challenges faced during remote work and learning, our idea aims to improve users' experiences by taking into account the challenges faced and improving their remote collaboration experience.

What it does

Experience the advantages of Face-to-Face interactions with JACT, bringing you novel AR and VR experiences! Complete with the best functions inspired from other collaboration platforms, we aim to provide a one-stop solution for easier collaboration, without toggling over various platforms like we do now.

How did we come up with the idea?

Usually, from our brains..? On a more serious note, through personal experience utilizing remote collaboration like Zoom and Slack during this period for orientations as well as lessons. Even while working on Ideate 2020, we utilized Google Meets and shared documents as well. The Singaporean thing would be to complain about the many problems remote collaboration platforms give us, yet we don’t usually innovate new solutions to solve these problems. Hence through this hackathon, we hope our idea would be found useful, and will be created into a real app soon!

Challenges we ran into

The usual challenges that come with remote collaboration - unstable wifi, lack of real face-to-face interaction and being unable to feel that ‘human touch’ that remote collaboration simply lacks. Also, we had to take turns speaking, ensuring no one is speaking over the other even though there were only 3 group members.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everything! We’re really glad to have known each other through this process too. Kudos to the whole group for being really efficient, completing this project in a total of 3 meetings - brainstorming, slide deck completion and the final submission!

What I learned

We’ve learnt a lot about the current tools available which wouldn’t have discovered if not for Ideate 2020. It has been a very eye-opening experience for our group as we explore different ideas and look at how we might address the limitations of remote collaboration. We hope that our ideas could spark a change in remote collaboration!

What's next for JACT

Coming to all App Stores soon!

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