Remote Camera

Remote camera for your Gear 2! Control your mobile phone camera directly from smartwatch.

Remote Camera Remote Camera

From now,

you can take FLASHFIE - selfie taken by night with flash on.

Also now,

you can use other people as human tripods and control photo taking by yourself

Have you ever tried to take selfie when there is not enough light? You had to use rear camera, but how to hit small release shutter button on big screen. Remote Camera will help you not only to take photo but also to position it right with live preview.

Do you like sightseeing? Wanted to have a greate photo with all friends? Not without someone. Yes, you need to give your phone to some stranger and hope he will take good picture or at least not cut, and with proper view. Leave this scenario behind. Get Remote Camera and guide him how to hold the phone to produce photo od your dream.

How to use?

  • just run app on Gear
  • long tap to take photo
  • single tap to hide icons


  • live preview of mobile camera
  • rotating preview to adjust view on watch
  • change flash settings (auto/on/off)
  • set timer
  • change picture size
  • show/hide icons
  • AUTO-RUN mobile app
  • auto reconnect to mobile app


To safe resources, when you turn off the screen on mobile phone, the preview will stop. However there is a hidden feature: when the mobile app is not running, your mobile screen is off and you run Gear app, you will get live preview.

Comming in next release:

  • video support
  • share photo directly from Gear 2
  • preview Gear 2 camera on mobile phone
  • remote torch
  • browse gallery on Gear 2

Leave in the comments new ideas of use Remote Camera and which feature you want next.

Happy flashfie taking!!



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