Driving a Tesla Model X is a thrill! Something more thrilling? Imagine playing a game with your $100,000 marvel of engineering. We utilized IntrepidCS's API and their unique NeoOBD2 Pro Hardware to turn a Tesla Model X into what we believe is the worlds most expensive game.

How we built it

ReMorse is built entirely in Python using requests to interact with IntrepidCS's API.

Challenges we ran into

The original plan was to use the Intrepid API to utilize the headlights to spell out messages in Morse Code. However, headlight control is not currently implemented in the API. We then attempted to use the falcon wing door to spell out Morse Code using movement. We were able to achieve this goal, but due to latency and the movement limitations of the door the movements were not easily recognizable as Morse Code. We then decided to adapt our door opening controls into a combination lock game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everyone on our team only had a beginners level of knowledge about API's so the fact that we were able to figure out how to implement an API into our program was a great achievement. The game works great on its own, but the ability to visualize the game on the Tesla is something that we've never seen done before.

What we learned

Sleep is important.

What's next for ReMorse

In the future we would like to implement our original Morse Code Headlights project, as well as improving the game to respond to manually opening the doors instead of having to interface with it only through the app.

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