Is not a secret the harm made to our marine environment due illegal fishing and the worst part is that the government supportes it indirectly because they subsidize the fuel of the boats. That is not the problem because it helps the fishermen, but the lack of control allows the beneficiaries of the subsidize to perform any activity they want, from ilegal fishing and harm the protected sites to sell the extra fuel or smuggling. That is why we start investigating and developing a solution to control and prevent the harmful practices.

What it does

One of the biggest challenges we face as a society lies in marine conservation , to address these challenges is not enough to develop a web platform or a mobile application . For such challenges is required a sustainable solutions and a holistic vision that would integrate environmental, economic and technological terms based on the same objectives they are required.

Therefore our interdisciplinary team designed a device inspired by the marine species called Remora where the device can absober valuable information for departments and organizations for marine conversation, while the boat can access emergency services and security. With this device it is possible to get information of the boat trayectory and analyse the fishing techniques and species.

How we built it

In order to prototype an idea, the first step is to build a proof of concept, all around the world it is possible to find technological trends on how you can accomplish that idea in the shortest amount of time. Our company embrace those technology trends so through fast prototyping with CAD/CAM and 3d printers, open source software, open hardware and a lot of technical research we built Remora, which a functional Internet of thing device-prototype in only 30 hours as a proof of concept.

Challenges we ran into

Remora is design under the concept of Plug and Play, IoT and Big Data. To meet these goals:

(1) Compliance with the laws of oceans protection and conservation. (2) Control and efficiency in the use and allocation of subsidies. (3) Access to the data necessary to identify deficiencies and irregularities. (4) Controlling access to protected areas. (5) Identification of patterns of specific interest boats and other environmental , social, economic and / or scientific nature that can derive such data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We as an interdisciplinary team are proud to integrate different perspectives in the same solution, from public policies proposal with a business model for Remora and a functional prototype to expose our idea for the authorities to make them realize that there is a viable solution to control and therefor preserve the marine environment.

What's next for Remora

Continue development and performance of the hardware that development the project. One of the next steps is testing the prototype under real conditions. With this test is possible to determine the new strategies involve into the manufacturing process. In the material technology terms, it is necessary continue with the research of waterproof and capable materials to support all the oceanic conditions. In this line, it is necessary to design the mechanical manufacturing process, that can allow a bigger production.
In terms of energy harvesting, it will be continue development the turbine design and making test about the perfomance of the energy harvesting.

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