What is the easiest way to receive the review of something? - Yes, it is emotion on a person's face!! When we come to the government organizations, we are not always satisfied with the work of civil servants, or, conversely, we are very satisfied. Therefore, we decided to develop a REmo app, which will be a very easy system to leave independent reviews on various government services. Also, this idea can be used in other areas such as hotels&restaurants business, delivery, taxi, etc.

What it does

REmo it is an IOS application for leaving reviews via emotions on the face and via voice, search government services, find their location on map, view, and leave reviews for it.

How we built it

We used an Affectiva iOS SDK to get values of emotional state taken from the face, and BeyoundVerbal API to get values of emotional state based on voice. Based on that numbers we calculated the rating of each government office's service. We used the following tech stack:

  • Affectiva
  • BeyoundVerbal
  • Swift, UIKit

Challenges we ran into

In a short time, we created the idea, application flow, and create the application with functionality. Also, we learned these technologies for the first time, so we faced difficulties in learning and using Affectiva and BeyondVerbal.It was a challenge for us!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of having a demo application with good design, functionality logic, and working functions.

What we learned

We learned to work in a team, hear each other, and how to use Affective and Beyond Verbal technologies. Also, we gained new skills in the Swift programming language.

What's next for REmo app

Integration with government offices, develop new features, such as the ability to view feedback from other users and communicate with them. And of course, the plan is to find funding and promote our app.

Ideas for using PagerDuty

Users of our app can report an unsatisfactory service in the government service, so government officials will be able to take immediate actions to improve service.

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