It is important to remember that in times like this, the world has gone highly digital; everything is on our devices. We all forget something or the other, here is where reminder apps come into place. However, we as a team have identified that there is a problem with current reminder and calendar applications, you still have to enter the details manually for every event. Which is time-consuming, boring and not worth the time. So our team has tried to find a solution to the problem.

We started by brain storming the problems in our community as the main use of technology is just to make people’s life easier. We explored some problems and then decided to work for an add-on feature for Reminding apps.

What it does

It is an application which uses the power of Machine Learning to add events to the calendar. Rather than manually adding each and every event to the internal calendar, Remlock provides a new way to add events, just by clicking the screenshot of the screen, the Remlock detects the event details like date, time, venue using cutting edge Machine Learning models and automatically adds the event to the reminder list just by a screenshot!

How we built it

Our project is an Android app which is built in Java and uses Android SDK. We used Firebase ML Kit to extract text from screenshots. With our collaborative skills, dedicated team and most importantly, our drive to creatively and methodically solve problems, we have successfully come up with a solution that solves a common problem.

Challenges we ran into

During the weekend we were stuck with several challenges from working in different time-zones to figuring out Google API’s. But all the challenges eventually helped us in improving our personality and coding knowledge.

We had a challenge where we needed to work on Google Calender’s API but we needed Google’s official permission to enable the writing mode which would take more than a week so we researched possibilities how we could work around this; what are the drawbacks and compromises. We solved this issue by accessing the calendar API directly, that is integrated in all Android phones. This enabled us to get all events from the calendar, access them and add to them. Another major challenge we ran into was to recognize the tagged data from our Machine Learning model. We accomplished this task by a naive, brute force checking of data and time that actually proved to work out for our use cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very happy about how we made the application so that it can interact with the calendar app without using Google API since we struggled with that part. We are also satisfied with the way it works, looks and the functionality it provides. We are glad that we managed to get it to a usable state.

What we learned

Majority of our team before starting this project had no experience in android development. Being able to pull this one off is an experience that gave us a lot of development skills that will stick with us throughout our career.

We learned about Android SDK. We learned about the project building tool, Gradle and also consolidated our Firebase knowledge.

What's next for RemLock

Team Remlock would never stop on updating the app and is fully committed to making it better. We are aware that it is not completely functional, but we are willing to improve it as soon as possible. The app is designed for social good and it boosts the productivity of people, team Remlock believes that if only we save a minute of our user’s life, we would be delighted as time is the most essential commodity in today's fast life and there is nothing better than helping users get their daily task done.

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