We live in an increasingly social world. We no longer write, instead we tweet. We don’t keep photo albums, we Facebook. The Internet is a constantly updating social movement. However, one thing hasn’t changed. The browsing experience is the same old link traversing rabbit hole for the lonely it was years ago. When we use the Internet, we keep Facebook constantly running in the background, desperate for the ping of a chat message to remind us that we have friends.

The future of the web lies in interactions, between friends, and between strangers. There’s no such thing as cyberspace anymore - the Internet is real life, and so it needs to begin with fulfilling our needs as social animals.

Enter Remixr, a social browsing experience. The days of your opinions squashed to the bottom of a page or sourced 16 child comments deep on Reddit are over. Remixr is designed with interactive browsing from the beginning, not as an after thought.

Remixr is an experience based on two main hubs. The first of these is the web hub, which we call Remixr Feeds. Feeds is your personalized media consumption platform, based on your interests and interactions. Live tiles representing articles are dynamically generated, in order of how much they interest you (as shown in the images below). The second piece of the Remixr puzzle is the chrome extension -- this is how we understand and process your interests. Your interactions with a webpage are not through a comments section, or through a tweet, but rather through the webpage itself and annotations on it. Remixr then learns from your annotation patterns, your interactions with other users (up/down voting their annotations), and your interactions with webpages. We then use this interest to recommend articles and annotations that you would truly enjoy.

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