The average person can hold only 5 to 9 objects in their working memory at a time, so it comes as no surprise that many important tasks often slip the average person’s memory. We wanted to create an accessible tool that would make remembering tasks and events easier. Through RemindMe, we can empower people of all backgrounds and abilities and make life easier for everyone.

What it does

With RemindMe, you never have to forget a thing again. RemindMe allows its users to schedule SMS reminders to be sent at a given date and time. Its simple, user-friendly interface makes RemindMe an accessible tool for all. This web application is ideal for your grandmother who needs reminders to take her medicine, a small business owner who wants to send an appointment reminder to a client, a busy student who needs reminders to go to the gym, and everyone in between. And because the application uses SMS, users can receive reminders even without a WiFi connection. Wherever you are, you can always be up to date!

How we built it

We used JavaScript, React framework. We incorporated a Twilio API to send SMS messages.

Challenges we ran into

-Finding free APIs that would enable the user to schedule reminders -Disabled Twilio accounts -Slow Internet

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Had an idea that would drive social good and benefit others and would also be applicable to us -Learned to work with a new language/framework -Successfully sent and saved messages -Successfully created a login system with security measures (text verification)

What we learned

-How to work with Twilio's API -Time management -Working with a new language/framework -Working with a database

What's next for RemindMe

-Finding a free way to schedule when reminders are sent -Enhancing appearance while maintaining a simple interface for accessibility

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