Initially a chrome extension, but I wanted to store each reminder in a database so it's not machine local and is receivable anywhere and anytime (given good service). Therefore, I made it a web application and wanted to try MongoDB for the first time and toy around with the API, as well as Twilio's.

What it does

Sends a text message to a certain phone with a custom message at a designated time to remind users of needing to do certain things. Allows for a person to text the twilio api with a certain number to send them a text message at a delay with a certain message that manipulates the text message body to store it into the MongoDB.

How I built it

Run a python script to enable database entry and storage using MongoDB API. This stores the user's inputted number, message, and delay in minutes. Then, another script is running alongside the first script to continuously check all database queries if the designated time is before the current time, it will send a text message using Twilio API and delete the database entry.

Challenges I ran into

Initially deciding an idea because I wanted to implement an automatic reminder upon calling "git commit -m," but I decided on a more practical and universal usage for the reminder implementation. I had trouble implementing receiving text messages using the Twilio API because I had little experience with website hosting.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's first hack that I actually understood what I was doing for most of the project while exploring new APIs. Using the Twiml API to receive and manipulate the body of the text and store it into the database.

What I learned

I learned how to utilize a new type of database and I better understood the structure of a Python Flask web application and its components.

What's next for RemindMe!

I hope to implement the reminder as a CLI to call remindme from the command line.

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