Wearing Face Mask- We all know that face masks have been the new accessory since the pandemic started. It is advisable that everyone should wear a mask when going in public places especially in crowded or places of business. It's the best way to reduce one's risk of getting infected or infecting another person. However, there are still lot of people like me, who tend to forget to wear a mask when going outside. We only realize it later on that we are not wearing a face mask when we encounter people outside wearing it and giving us a disapproving look. Well, stepping out of your door without wearing face mask doesn't only risk yourself but also the whole community. There are communities who take this very seriously wherein one could be arrested or punished for not wearing a mask. Washing Hands- One more thing we need to consider and always observe during this pandemic, is proper handwashing. Proper handwashing not only reduces the spread of Coronavirus, it can prevent the spread of other viral illnesses such as cold and flu. It is a must that after returning from a public place (grocery store, work, school, concert, sporting activity, hospital, nursing home, etc.), one should wash his/her hands with soap and water and if possible, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. But people also always tend to forget to do that.

What it does

As a solution, I created a smart tag which send push notification to your smartphone that will remind you to wear a face mask when you'll go outside and tell you to sanitize yourself upon returning home.The tag can be attached to your personal belongings like your bag, ID lace, keys or things that you usually pick up when you go out. So when you pick them up, the tag will detect the motion interpreting it as you're on your way outside.

How I built it

The tag uses SoC(ESP32) and an accelerometer wire to it to detect motion periodically. I programmed the tag using Arduino IDE and used the Blynk Platform to receive notifications to my smartphone. _ I attached an image showing the flow algorithm run by the smart tag. _

Challenges I ran into

I really had a hard time conceptualizing the flow of algorithms for determining whether the user picked the tag, went outside and return home. But I'm happy that after almost 12 hours of thinkering, I've come up with something working. I also had a hard time getting sensor values from accelerometer, because the SoC I've used is messing up the analog readings when WiFi connection is initialized.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is really my first IoT project and my first time using these hardwares. I'm proud that I have come up with a working project in very short amount time. This is also my first submission here in devpost.

What's next for RemindME!

To better improve this project, in the future I'll use an SoC and accelerometer which has less power consumption and also optimize the code to ensure that it can run for months even in a single small battery. Also, i'll try to make custom design for all the electronic components to make it more compact.

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