Our team noticed that folks with cognitive disabilities or executive dysfunction often struggle to juggle a planner, calendar, to-do lists, and reminders, while taking into account external factors such as current weather conditions. They can be overwhelmed by the sheer spread of tasks across various platforms, each having its own learning curve. So, we came up with RemindMe: a simple, no-fuss reminder system that sends recurring reminders after a one-time setup, including custom alerts based on the local weather forecast.

What it does

RemindMe is a reminder system that requires a one-time setup for a lifetime of alerts. Users can define categories unique to the tasks in their everyday lives, and organize their to do list accordingly. To receive reoccurring reminders on the tasks, the user can enter the number of days/weeks/months to repeat it. Tasks can also be easily enabled and disabled at any time, without needing to delete a task and re-add it in the future. When a user completes a task, they can choose to log it within the app if they want to track the number of times or the specific dates/times a task was complete. Users can also add personalized alert messages based on a pre-defined weather condition to receive reminders on weather-dependent tasks. The responsibility no longer falls on users to remember to check the weather and determine which tasks are necessary for that weather condition, because RemindMe periodically checks local weather conditions and notifies users with their custom message, such as to spread ice salt on the driveway in advance when snow is forecasted, or take their allergy medications before leaving the house when high pollen levels are forecasted.

How we built it

We initially had a completely different idea and were planning to use Cohere, a NLP language model to build an AI/ML project. We already started researching for this idea, created a GitHub respository and were able to create a basic web interface with HTML and CSS, which prompted for user input and made calls to the Cohere API using JavaScript Node.js . However, halfway through the hackathon, we realized the model that was needed for our idea would not be trained in the given time frame.

So, we pivoted to RemindMe and utilized Google AppSheet to build out our app. We used this platform as we wanted the app to be usable across different devices: mobile and desktop. Additionally, as it is a low-code platform, we were able to start over with a completely new idea and quickly create our MVP and submit a project within the given time frame.

Challenges we ran into

One of our major challenges was pivoting halfway through from an AI/ML project to building an app.

Another challenge was understanding the needs of our target audience. We wanted our product to be easily utilized by elderly folks with cognitive disabilities and had to research to understand their needs and wants.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of building out an entire app from scratch using half the time we were given. We're also proud of acknowledging that we needed to pivot and bravely doing so.

What we learned

We learned a lot of thing over the course of the weekend - time management, communication and a lot of new skills. We got introduced to the world of natural language processing and learned prompt generation.

What's next for RemindMe

In future, we would like to deploy the app and introduce a subscription based system for users. We would also like to partner with elderly care homes and help them set up custom reminders and notifications for all their residents. Lastly, we would like to add sharing/administration capabilities to allow children of elderly folks to set up their reminders.

Built With

  • appsheet
  • figma
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