In our current society, drug abuse and the inability to follow prescribed schedules is a huge problem. To be more specific, every year the United States spends $100-$268 billion on prescription related medical emergencies in addition to the 125,000 annual deaths. This team decided to develop a way to assist individuals in taking their prescribed medication in a more convenient way to target this massive issue.

What it does

The user is able to text (or say) their schedule for any prescribed medication. Then the device sorts the medicine and dispenses it at the right time. Once dispensed the user also receives a text message reminding them to pick it up. There is also a web app which the user can log in to see their current schedule. The goal is to help those who are unable to keep up with their schedule due to poor time management or simply laziness.

How we built it

The Web App was developed with NodeJS, HTML, JS, and CSS (bootstrap as well). Firebase was used for our realtime database. Microsoft Azure was used to allow users to simply say their schedule and then it would get analyzed and understood and finally uploaded to the database. Twilio Chatbot was used for more millennial users who would prefer adding or viewing their schedules on their phones. The physical device was made with Arduino and ESP32. Servo's were used to first sort the different types of medication and also for release on the needed time.

Challenges we ran into

Being able to sort the medication based on its properties, accessing Firebase data on the ESP32, working with Twilio chatbot while making API calls directly from it, and the limited time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we actually are finished the project in the time period designated for it.

What we learned

How to use Ngrok, how to use Firebase from the Arduino

What's next for ReminderX

Look forward to our presentation and you'll find out!

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