One of the member's of our team has had the experience of having a family member that suffered through Alzheimer's disease. He was able to witness the struggles that one has with this condition and was inspired to create a tool to help other people that were going through a similar experience.

What it does

It has a variety of easy-to-use functions that allow people with Alzheimer's to carry out their everyday lives in peace. These functions range from helping them locate important misplaced items to easy phone calls and directions in familiar places.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Lack of proper equipment or experience with raspberry pi made it difficult for us to make a headless setup and setting up a proper flask environment to produce the necessary signals. This was also the first time we tried using vue for the frontend development, so we tried using quasar; however, the windows terminal on one of our members' laptop was not properly installing all the necessary modules despite multiple tries, so he could not run his code for the front end part.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The raspberry pi program was working- sends out sounds when the button is turned on/off. Map functionality with directions works. We made a lot of friends.

What we learned

We learned raspberry pi setup, python backend, vue & quasar frontend, js.

What's next for Reminder


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