Did you know that due to statistics more than 50% of people don't follow their medication regimen?
Did you know that in the US women who did an early checkup and detected cancer had a surviving rate of 93% compared to women who didn't do a checkup, their rate is only 15%? Did you know that high blood pressure is the number one risk factor for stroke and a major risk factor for heart disease? What if we can say that simply technology such a bot can help prevent your diseases by remaindering you to take pills, do your necessary checkups and record your daily vitals?

What it does

We have created the Remind me, Doc bot in Messenger (Facebook) that helps people to stay healthy. This bot has access to your medical card in DrChrono and can send you information about the medication that your doctor has prescribed for you, including timing, dosage information and pharmacy note such as when you should take this pill after/before or with meals. You can set up a time and the bot will remind you to take medicine in this time by sending you a message on Facebook. Also, Remind me, Doc bot will help you to measure your vitals daily (temperature, blood pressure, pulse, pain level) and will add this data to your medical card in DrChrono. In case you have dangerous health indicators the bot will propose you to visit your doctor and will help you immediately to schedule an appointment via Messenger. Also, if your doctor recommends you to do some compulsory checkups during this year the bot will also remind you about them and will help you to schedule them.

How we built it

Firstly, we have created a scenario with a particular customer journey that can bring values to patients. We used Facebook Messenger API to create a bot, DrChrono APIs for authorization, medications, appointments, patients' list, problems' list and Postman for APIs integration. We wrote the application on Java, using Spring web for accepting requests from users. Likewise, we took our DBMS PostgreSQL to store the data and used Thymeleaf to create special forms for patients such as "Authorization form" and "Measure your vitals" form. Also, we used two kinds of schedules for reminders, statical one is for a token, and dynamic schedule is for users.

Challenges we ran into

We had a problem with the token because Facebook and DrChrono expected a redirect of different tokens and codes, to resolve that issue we changed the type of token on Facebook and the type of the authorization. The other challenge was with a schedule, we needed to provide a user with the possibility to schedule his appointment in DrChrono via Messenger bot, but Facebook has the only statical schedule, so we had to create a dynamical one by using a programmable trigger when we get a timestamp from a user. Also, Facebook APIs didn't have an option to create a special form we need, so we created a Thymeleaf page on our server for such a need.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We developed the bot that will help people to stay healthy and prevent different diseases by just sending simple reminders and help them to form a good habit to check up their health.

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