Once upon a time, in faraway fantasy place called St. Louis, MO, there lived a Russian-ish boy named Dalv who kept forgetting everything he had to do. He was so forgetful he thought he was a cat. Clearly, he also forgot his medication. The team at r3mind were worried for his sanity so they decided to make life a little bit easier for him.

Enter r3mind.me. This revolutionary website takes the guesswork out of figuring out which medicine pills Dalv should be buying even though he just entered them into the brilliant website. It also makes figuring out how many total pills to buy much simpler, since Dalv has forgotten multiplication as well.

Using revolutionary HTML/CSS coding, the team was able to make simple, yet intuitive webpage. The team's radical use of JavaScript allowed them to create a script that actually did what the team set out to do.

This endeavor the team set out on was not with out its own issues. The r3mind team had grand visions of getting real-time drug pricing and using the Google Calendar API to help Dalv get the best possible aid for his afflictions. However, with their time and talent constraints, as well as having various spirited intellectual discussions, they were not able to fully implement their back-end structure to tie in with the front-end. As greedy as were to not use their own system resources, the team decided to move as much as possible to the front end which solved some of their problems.

The team accomplished a lot over the short amount. They learned that by doing the most minimal amount of work together as possible, they gained a greater return on investment. This disruptive method they developed was subsequently coined B.U.L.L.S.H.*.T (don't worry about what it means they'll figure it out later).

The team's creation has earned some very high praises from international tech critics around the world. Some have even called r3mind.me the next wolfram alpha due to the innovative multiplier function they B.U.L.L.S.H.*.T-ed.

The team learned that they were more than capable of tackling the world's most pressing issues and using their methods and expertise, they would help make the world a better place.

The r3mind team has moved on to greater challenges such as controlling and modifying the bear-like behavior which Dalv exibits, how to attain more brand-named laptop stickers to attain higher CPU clock speeds, and most importantly to help Dalv get his sh*t together by first making sure he understands his name is Sergey (d&mn*t Vlad... I mean Sergey).

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