We all going to the ReMind Zone !


Mental Health is the next pandemic. A brain circuits are connected in a graph, so we use Tiger Graph and its Machine Learning algorithms to Recommend Video, Text, Audio based interventions for conditions like Anxiety, Depression, PTSD.

What if we can use the community to create custom videos, make it an NFT and put in on an NFT Marketplace, which is powering the content for a VR , AR , traditional mobile and web channels, all powered by the Theta financial veins. All built on the new Unreal Engine 5 for unmatched Graphics.

What it does

The user takes a simple questionnaire, records a small voice memo that our voice ai analyses, the two create a score and based on the score, Tiger Graph recommends videos, audios, books, articles to consume. We also use the same technology to customize a VR app, where the user can watch 360 degrees immersive videos.

These videos are coming from a Creator economy called the ReMind Zone. Creators use Theta Backbone to create special ticketed events in the dedicated ReMind MetaVerse, which is a communal spot to mass consume videos produced within the DAO ReMind Zone Community.

Community produced , Community Approved , Mental Heath Videos powering a MetaVerse to mass consume this content. Ticketed events, creator NFT content all based on the Theta Blockchain network.

How we built it

It was built using Tiger Graph as the Source of Truth for Mental Health data ingested through a personalized web portal, mobile app and a VR app. We use AWS as the Cloud Partner and React and React Native based Minor Front Ends.

We used Theta as the backbone for all financial transaction within our community. All user generated content is marked and rated for quality by our Board of Psychiatrists and then distributed through our Traditional Omni-channel sources + new MetaVerse resources including a personalized 360 Mass Ticketed Entry, space to consume these community artists work. Every transaction is backed the the Theta network.

Challenges we ran into

Getting Mental health Data Cleaning and Pre-processing of Data was harder because of silos. Theta gives us more options that we could potentially showcase in a full UI for the demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A VR App that is available to try on the Oculus Store for Quest 2 to see the action first hand. This will now have a ReMind Zone MetaVerse option show up, where users with Tickets will get the first set of eyes to the RemindZone Lobby where they will interact with a AI Hostess and proceed to the first ever screening of the NFT videos approved by our Psychiatrists.

Live !! interactions with our community members will be available to Golden Ticket holders in full 3D built in Unreal 5 Engine.

All powered by Theta.

What we learned

Tiger Graph is what Mental Health needs and our solution is the first approach to a very large problem.

What's next for ReMind

Mobile App Blockchain Based User Management , using mobile app as controller using QR codes. Custom VR 360 immersive video production MetaVerse integration Widget embedding in E-Learning and Online Meeting Platforms like zoom for Teenagers and Work.

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