It's the start of the new year and many create their resolutions around quitting their bad habit a and addictions. As we all have experienced, it is near impossible to go cold turkey with no incentives along the way. Remify focuses on replacing bad habits with good ones to avoid going cold turkey, and gives users rewards to motivate them on their journey.

What it does

Remify motivates, engages, and keeps track of users who want to conquer their addictions. Simple point tracking systems are in place to reward users for good habits and punishes them for relapses. If the user needs instant assistance with keeping their urges down, they can press our motivation button for helpful resources.

How we built it

We used to create our website. To store the info, we used google forms and google sheets.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first hackathon--and oh boy, we had lots of challenges. We all had little to no website development experience, nor knowledge for HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Each of us also had something else going on during the week, such as homework assignments or extracurricular activities, one of our teammates even had a speech competition, so the time we had was cut a little short.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We proud of us. This project tested our teamwork collaboration skills, our ability to find solutions to problems we faced, and our mental fortitude--allowing us to push through, even in the late hours of the night..

What we learned

As a team, we learned how to communicate with one another and share our ideas. Through wix and google sites, we learned the structure of a website and learned a bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This being our first hackathon, we learned how one of these events work and the effort put into creating a project. Overall, we're all glad to have gotten this experience!

What's next for Remify

With more time, we would make it more easier for the user to store and retrieve their data. Also, we would add more rewards, activities, and ways to better connect with our users.

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