We were inspired by JK Rowling's Rememberall from her Harry Potter Books. One of her characters had a ball that would light up red when the owner forgot something. We decided to take this and improve it to fit real life applications for those suffering from diseases that cause memory loss.

What it does

Our app is essentially split into 6 categories that you can access from the home page. The home page also contains 3 emergency contacts that the user can directly call. When you first open the app, you will be prompted by a serious of questions about the patient and his or her loved ones. These will be stored for in app use. The first is Information and Resources which has an in app webpage to the Alzheimer's association. It also has a direct link to the hotline number. The second is titled "My Relationships". Essentially, it takes user inputted data about the different relationships people have with the patient and makes it easy and accessible. There are images of the person with a text of who they are, along with direct links to their phone numbers. The next is "About Me". This has important information about the patient themselves, as those suffering from these diseases have a hard time even remembering their own background. Following that we have "My Agenda." This is a live interactive task list. The user inputs their tasks or agenda for the day and can clear the list away as they complete these things. Our fifth category is called "Brain Exercises". Within this, we have two games that the user can play. The first is a brain exercising game entitled "Tap the Turtle," where the user tests their hand eye coordination. The next is a personalized memory game based on user entered data. The user gets points for remembering certain things about themselves or their loved ones. The last one is called "My Diary." Once again, this is based on real time user entered data. The user can input their thoughts and memories, as well as pictures, and view them later on. It is essentially and online diary.

How we built it

As this was all of our first hackathon, and we had little to no experience in coding or hardware, we learned and used MIT's App Inventor 2.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we faced was navigating App Inventor 2, as well as executing our ambitious vision. We also faced challenges coding different aspects of the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having a final project to submit and present, especially one that we are proud of, and can see a future for.

What we learned

From this hakathon we gained knowledge by attending various workshops. These included, the arduino workshop, the app development workshop, and the google workshop. We learnt valuable skills like working together as a time, and making sure everyone's thoughts and ideas were equally expressed.

What's next for Remembrall- a companion app for those with memory loss

In the future, we hope to improve the app by fixing the small bugs in our project, along with expanding the different options and functions of our app.

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