I want to make a to-do list which works locally because most work online, and we need to pay an amount to use them. I also want to learn new technologies and make projects for my self, so made this project.

What it does

it does all the basic things like adding a task, deleting a task, modification in tasks and anymore

How we built it

I used python as a main programming language and for storing data in database I use cockroach db.

Challenges we ran into

I face many challenges while making this project, which mere the correct arrangement of frames and to-do list. To check whether all the buttons are working properly or not. And the data is storing in database or not.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of that I am able to complete this project all by myself. I have faced many hardships while making this project, but I am able to complete it. So I am happy.

What we learned

I learned about python programming language and how to use it with database. I learned about cockroach db and its basics. And how to use it with python

What's next for Remember Me

I would like to host this application on internet and on Google Play Store as well. I would like to make my project better and usable.

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