Shoudio is the Location Based Audio Platform, ideal for creating and hosting audioguides, music, audiowalks, tours and, if you like, other random audio & bootlegs.

On a sidenote, we love to bake pancakes on tech events. But that's totally offtopic.

As of now you can sync back every publicly posted audio recording to your Evernote. Not only your own recordings, but also any recording on the Shoudio platform such as items from collections such as audio-walks, items found in hashtagged channels and Foursquare venues and from the people you follow.

Imagine yourself on holiday in Amsterdam, conveniently tuned into the Amsterdam Audioguide on Shoudio, strolling along the canals. At a certain point the narrator tells you such a funny story, which you want to tell your friends back home.

But you will forget, that's for sure... Amsterdam has more to offer.. :D

So you decide to instantly save the audiopoint including all attached media such as text, image, the gps location and the actual audiofile as a Note to your Evernote account and remember showing it to your friends through the Evernote-apps.

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