Studying is an integral part of our school lives, in addition to any other preparation we might need to do, whether it's a citizenship test, or a college entrance exam. Recent studies have shown that the more spacing between the time we learn material and review it is proven to be the effective studying method. The more effective this spacing is, the better our studying habits. The spacing effect is going to help enormously, and boost productivity. We began thinking of the easier ways to bring the spacing method of memorization and enhanced learning through students: a chat bot.

What it does

Remember All is the simple solution to allow the spacing study method to be executed at its simplest way. We completely simplified the spacing model. We built a solution that was made using python and hosted on a server to serve as a messenger bot. We take in data from existing Quizlet flashcards and integrate that to our platform. The service then spins up a periodic timer that pings the user to pose the questions and continues to poll him for the answers until he gets the set correctly. In addition, the CLI bots comes in handy for offline use.

How we built it

We built Remember All using the bot platform from Facebook. It can take in data from Quizlet as a source, and can also be trained. The language that the bot is written in is Python. The CLI bot is also an extension of the bot.

Challenges we ran into

There were a couple of challenges we ran into. Python is not our first language, so deploying the proper routes for the server for the Bot framework were diffcult. Python were impo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are quite amazed at our final product. Given our time, we really made a powerful bot that can help many students across the world!

What we learned

We learned to work with the bot framework that Facebook provided. In addition, we had never worked with Quizlet data before, therefore integration of the flashcard data was an intelligent solution.

What's next for Remember All

Remember All is really going to impact hundreds of people. We are looking to expand to making the bot learn more about the student's learning pattern as well.

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