Every person is built upon his memories and the memories just represents what the person is. Every picture in some way is a memory and so a part of ourself. Nowadays with all the digitization of photos and the virtual possibility of infinite storage, photos are gradually losing connection with memories. "Remember" aims to give a meaning to the photos that each user holds. Once you go to a place where some of your memories can arise, "Remember" will notify you and you will enjoy the past memories as photos. The app itself will help you to search through your photos using a tag based search or will try to help you create new memories by showing, based on the current location, the more interesting photos around the web (Flickr in our case).

How it works

Remember has been conceived to work in a pipeline way. Once you open the app you will be presented with two sections being the top one the most important. The top one is "Pictures from here" and is populated with pictures taken from your storage (Dropbox) having similar geotagging information. For doing so we automatically take the photo information using dropbox api and we store them in a custom database. An important step in this part is passing all the fetched photo to Clarifai to extract the tags that will be used in a second stage. To interface with our phone app we created a RESTful api. The second section is "Photos from around the world": here we show pictures that comes from the major image hosting websites (we used Flickr and its api this time) based on the same geolocation. This way you can see the best photo spots nearby. If the main view does not satisfy what your are looking for, then on the top of the screen you will find a search button that will make you search through your photos based on tags and geolocation. That nice pond you saw in London? Just a few taps away! On settings tab you can: activate/deactivate notifications, decide the frequency for which the app will create the notifications (it s just an idea so far), activate/deativate Flickr.

Challenges we ran into

Major issue has been the design part since we are basically three developers. We had issues on trying to make the notification system working with the current framework we decide to use. Also we had some trouble interfacing and making so many diverse apis work in a peaceful manner. Future problems to address will be the costs of the application running on the background.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are happy for being able to have all the pipeline built (from database to showing on the app).

What we learned

With this hack we were able to learn about image recognition and deep learning thanks to the talks provided by Immaga.

What's next for Remember

Adding a feature of "similar" photos when you go into a place which does not have any same geotag. Similar photos will be created by querying your photos for tags extracted relevant web images with same geotag. Other expansion could be Including more datasets, ranging from google drive to facebook friends photo.

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