Team name: Tech Exploders

Inspiration 🀩

When patients schedule a medical appointment and need to submit their exams, they are required to carry a large volume of printed material. In addition to the potential inconvenience of having to carry this documentation during every appointment, a lot of information can be lost due to natural calamities like storms, floods, etc.​ To stop this from happening, we created Remedy Sync to have a safe place for patient data.

What it does 🩺

Our proposed solution, Remedy Sync addresses all these problems by storing all patient data on the cloud.​ The data will only be accessible to the patients.​ The patient will be able to share his/her data with the consent of the hospital.​ In case of an emergency, the hospital will also be able to access the patient’s data

How we built it πŸ› 

  1. Brainstormed and Decided on an Idea
  2. Configured Firebase Storage and Database
  3. Created web application using Angular
  4. Created Premiere Video and Other Content

Challenges we ran into πŸŒ‹

  • Front-end and UI challenges
  • Bugs retreiving data from database
  • Code contribution complications
  • Time zone complications...
  • Maximizing content considering time restraints

Accomplishments that we are proud of πŸ†

  • Created a awesome website for promoting healthcare!
  • Getting to work with teammates 😎
  • Created a prototype of web app

What we learned πŸ“

Overall, we all learned so much throughout this project! Some things are:

  • Communicating and working with others remotely
  • Making apps with Angular
  • Making awesome videos to promote our product

Project Prototype πŸ—

We were able to create a prototype of the project during the event! Project Link

What's next for Remedy Sync πŸš€

We hope to finalize and deploy this application! Remedy Sync would drastically improve the organizations of medical records, and we hope people will benefit from it!

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