To Help My sister who is studying in remote and struggling daily to handle her tasks.

What it does

      -It keeps and maintains all the discussions in one place.
     -Can create and share notes and documents in an organized way and can be managed in one place
    -Can create and share tasks/assignments and can track them in one place
     -Can Create classes as events and mark them in calendar with reminders . so they never miss them
    -Can connect video/audio call, shared screen for academic sessions
    -Can track students attendance and performance history 

How I built it

     Me & my friend built it with android studio for front end and python for backend and deployed as serverless in nimbella cloud platform.

Challenges I ran into

     We ran into lots of challenges. As we are new to all these platforms

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

    We are proud that the app is working as expected{though a some more needs to be implemented yet}

What I learned

    Kotlin,Coroutines,room database,Jitsi,Serverless deployment,mongodb,postman

What's next for RemEdu (Remote+Education)

  To approach schoools and other educational institutes to use this app in realtime.

Enhancements Planned

-Implement payroll system for admin/operations on faculties 
-Implement Online examination

Built With

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