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What is ReMedi

We present Remedi, a medical record digitalization platform. Remedi helps you manage your medical records neatly and saves you the pain from managing them.

Remedi can also help in searching and making an appointment with your doctor of choice. Then, you can pair your account with the doctor's to let them access your medical records. You can choose the medical records to share or unpair your account anytime after the consultation. However, the hospital still keeps your medical records you have shared.

Aside from the patients' benefit, using the app will reduce the cost of managing health records for hospitals and remove the hassle of handling physical documents from the doctors.

Lastly, we also present a life-saving feature in Remedi. Let's say that you got into an accident and couldn't get to the hospital alone. Your friend can use the SOS feature to access your medical records straight from your start PIN security screen so that the doctor can access your medical records and gather neccessary information.

More information about our app may be found here:

Tech Stack

Front End: Flutter, Dart ( Back End: Spring Boot, Java (

Development Process

We divided the task into: 1 back end developer, 1 mock up designer, 1 UI designer, and 1 overall developer. The coordination is made with GitLab ( and Zeplin (

Future Developments

  • Hospital integration, its medical record management, and analytics
  • Unfinished features in this current app version (Doctor App, Notification, Contact List, etc.)
  • Refactoring and performance improvement

Built With

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