Many people throughout the world forget to take their medicines a lot, therefore we wanted to create an app that makes everybody to never miss their medicine

What it does

The app allows the user to put their prescription and when they have to take it, then our app according to the info reminds the user at the time they need to take their medicine

How I built it

Our group used Android Studio to make the whole app

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenged our group had to face was trying to create a local database to store all the information the user provided

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are happy that we were able to use Android Studio to make a successful app that helps everyone throughout the world to use their medicine correctly on time

What I learned

Our group learned more about android studio and how to make apps as well as how to make a local database and an alarm

What's next for ReMed

We hope to expand our app to everyone throughout the world by making it useable on iOS

Built With

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