We wanted to create a tool for positive connections through the internet - one nice message can change a life.

Why we think this matters

We recognized the profound impact that small sayings - innocuous remarks - have had on the way we think and behave. We believe the anonymity of the authors allows for harder-hitting messages with real impact. We think people could really gain from collaboratively receiving and sending their wonderful and spontaneous nuggets of wisdom.

What it does

Remarrk allows you to send and receive motivating and positive messages to and from strangers across the internet. Share your thoughts and insights, or browse through what others have to say! Your remarks can make a real impact.

How we built it

Remarrk is a web app built using React on the front end, and an Express server and Cloud Firestore database on the backend. The site is hosted using AWS Amplify. We made use of GitHub with Issues and source control to manage tasks and ensure a cohesive codebase.

Challenges we ran into

Nearly every aspect brought up small challenges along the way; from state management in React, to web hosting with AWS. Determining which features needed to be components and how to manage their varied interactions with one another became quite the learning curve! Our team was composed of designers and developers so both sides had to learn a lot about the other aspect of development for our team to work smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a working website and being able to share positive messages with each other across it is an amazing feeling! Also, we managed to create the MVP we had planned and complete some additional features - like favourites and upvoting - all within the allotted time. Being able to get the website up and running on a custom domain was really cool too!

What we learned

One of our main goals for this hackathon was to learn new technology. Nearly everything was new to at least one team member, whether that was React, Firebase, Node, or AWS. Despite this, we exceeded our goals for the base product and learned a ton of new things along the way! Many constraints of component-based architectures were explored, as well as the necessary workarounds to apply certain functionalities - it was all a fun experience!

What's next for remarrk

We have more features on the list that we'd love to add: dynamic button labels, creating an API to get messages directly from our database, and a reaction system to send love back to the original author of a remark to name a few!

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