We are all almost graduates that are looking to relocate in the next few months. We all lived in questionable neighbourhoods before. We though it would be useful to have an interface that can show you the best neighbourhoods and their listings given criteria such as crime rates or the employment rate.

What it does

Relocation Mate offers you the right information about postcodes and it also makes suggestions on a larger postcode area you can move to based the criteria you input.

How we built it

Relocation Mate preprocesses open government data about Population, Deprivation Indexes etc in order to create meaningful information. After the data is preprocessed, it can be queried over criteria using a weighted sum model and analytic hierarchical process. An API is created using Feathers.js that is used by an Alexa Skill.

Challenges we ran into

AWS Setup - both account and Lambda setup, ASK CLI Configuration after AWS setup, Multi-turn dialog in Alexa, Getting Alexa to access public networks that use WPA2

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to make an Amazon Alexa Skill Curating and cleaning the open government data

What we learned

Learning how to make an Amazon Alexa Skill

What's next for Relocation Mate (Alexa)

Whole country coverage

Built With

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