Inspiration We just moved to a new country from all across the world and addressed a need that we faced.

What it does Relocate is a website that is serves as a one stop location for all that you need when you are moving from one place to another. It helps you book your flight, helps you find temporary housing and assists you in finding the best neighborhood to make your home.

How I built it Since this was my first ever hackathon it was difficult to find a halfway novel idea. And web development was new to our entire team. We spent hours pouring over the docs and fixing code and celebrating even the smallest success

Challenges I ran into My lack of experience in web development was apparent in several situations. But the mentors were always available to help me out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of getting through my first hackathon! Sticking till the end and not giving up

What I learned A lot a about web development. A lot a about team work. A new bout of passion for my field.

What's next for Relocate We hope to improve the website. Add a social networking feature to it. Maybe blogs and information too! Hope to get it live soon

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