College graduates and young professionals often don't have a easy way to take into account how taxes, and their lifestyle's impact on the cost of living in a city. The standard calculation offered today only take into account of a standard index that does not take into account of behaviors. We want to take into account of how your personal habits will impact your cost in a area.

What it does

reloc8 takes in your income and some behavior indicators to estimate how much income you have left after essential expense and fund to sustain your lifestyle. reloc8 also provides helpful tips to make living in a city more affordable by suggesting alternatives to housing and transportation. additionally it is also a platform to host partners such as zillow and uhaul so users can access those services easily.

How I built it

We used CSS and html to construct the front end, whiling using postgresQL for a database, along with python and Django to build out a backend API in order to perform the financial calculations based on user input. We also used a third party API, Taxee, for tax data.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into issues connecting to 3rd party API, and accurately developing the behavior indicators.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of the business potential of this idea. We had a great time running through ideas for moving forward with this!

What I learned

-Always be ready to ask for help -Look at ideas from many angles -be open to change

What's next for reloc8

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