Inspiration of this app stemmed from the challenge itself, as well as general weather apps, and things that we thought would be helpful for a business to know in the event of a natural disaster.

What it does is that it offers businesses real-life updates on natural disaster situations and allows them to customize the app according to the size of their business. It also offers ways on how businesses can prepare before a crisis, as well as what they can do afterward. Businesses can also check in with employees, and still access resources even if they're offline.

How we built it is that we first brainstormed ideas, then decided on what each slide would be, and finally created the PowerPoint, with wireframes of the app and information on different slides.

Challenges we ran into are that we had to figure out what specific parts of the app we wanted to create, as we had the ideas down but not the parts of the app finalized, and we needed to figure out the specifics of each slide and how they would all fit together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of are the app and PowerPoint that we were able to create from our idea, and that we've been successful as a student company thus far.

What we learned are important skills on how to work together, brainstorm effectively to get creative solutions, and be more aware of the world as they worked on creating an app to solve a real-world issue.

What's next for RelieveMe is that we hope to finalize parts of the app and how they'll be able to gauge the specifics of each company. Afterward, we would dive into the coding aspect of the app and make it more functional.

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