With rapid climate change, natural disasters are occurring at an unprecedented rate. Being prepared is now more important than ever before but not everyone has the resources to prepare for natural disasters. Relief is needed, both before and after disasters occur. However, current financial infrastructure does not have a capability to support rapid response to disasters. Time is of the essence because every second is important. Human lives are at stake when it comes to natural and manmade disasters.

What it does

An aggregated fundraising pool can immediately help individuals affected by natural disasters by providing funds that can be used either for preparation or recovery. As additional funds are raised, funds can be allocated quickly and transparently, as opposed to traditional methods which non transparent and may take up to a week or longer for funds to be successfully dispersed.

How we built it

1) Ideation - login features, optional email updates from the emergency fund manager, escrow management, proof of disaster 2) Basic Flow Diagram - review partner bounties and the App/SDK features to see what makes best sense for reliETH 3) UI Design 4) Smart Contract programming 5) Integration, Testing & Deploying the contract and react app

Challenges we ran into

Few components of the ganache cli were not working as expected
Asynchronous calls were not updating as it should Hardware issues where one of the teammate's laptop did not charge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seamless integration of the contract
Communication and collaboration with the sponsor teams

What we learned

Squarelink integration Overview of Ethereum 2.0 Skale layer two solution ZEIT

What's next for reliETH

Ideally it would be great if we can use it for disaster relief in practice.

Built With

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