I wanted to explore technologies like Ethereum that redefine conventional norms; however, instead of attempting to predict the next lucrative crypto investment, as a developer, I found it more compelling to shape the future of Web3 by building the infrastructure and applications that comprise the Web3 ecosystem.

 What it does

  • Offers greater donations by cutting out transaction fees tied to donations from ~10% to ~1%
  • Speeds the aid delivery process by avoiding unnecessary intermediaries like banks and payment processors (especially overseas)
  • Allows aid to be delivered directly to those in need through predefined triggers via smart contracts

How we built it

Built using React, TailwindCSS, Node, and Solidity with the help of Thirdweb.

 Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We gained insights into the applications of blockchains and the many factors hindering their effectiveness. These past two days prepared us to further explore the transformative potential of decentralized technologies and the challenges that must be navigated to harness their benefits in diverse fields like finance, healthcare, supply chain management, etc.

Challenges we ran into and what we learned

We quickly learned that Web3 isn’t something we can watch a couple of YouTube videos and a book or two to begin thinking about solutions in the form of products. People in the industry have been immersed for years, developing knowledge of the space, technology, problems, and the future. Companies seem to understand that there isn’t yet a clear market, and instead, they position themselves to peak when the markets do shift towards that change towards DeFi, blockchain security, etc. After hours of reading articles and watching videos on the applications of blockchains, we found ourselves with more questions than answers. But this experience definitely fuelled our curiosities.

What’s next for ReliefChain

  • Implementation with Circle to allow easy exchange between dollars and crypto via USDC
  • Additional web features like multi-user support with authentication

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