The thought of not knowing if someone we love is safe in a natural disaster. We wanted to give loved ones reassurance that their loved ones are okay in a time of crisis.

What it does

Relief Share is an online checking database where individuals can upload photos of loved ones missing from disaster events. A user uploads a photo of their missing person to our application. Then, using Microsofts Facial Recognition API we search through the database and see if the missing person, or first responders uploaded a picture of the missing individual. If the missing person's image is found in the database both uploaders receive confirmation of their loved ones safety. Relief Search connects family's in a time of crisis.

How we built it

We integrated React-Native for user interface and for uploading from a camera roll. The upload was sent to Google Cloud Platform. We retrieve the data to compare it to other snapshots uploaded in the cloud. Microsoft Facial Recognition would parse through the data to see if the person is in the database.

Challenges we ran into

The integration of React Native's camera upload with Microsoft's Facial Recognition. Getting them to talk independently worked out. However, countless testing needed to be done for Facial Recognition to work with Native's uploaded pictures.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For Relief Search, we needed to make an application that both sufficiently fulfilled the main goals of the application. We are proud to say that we were successful in making a clean, functioning application from scratch in under 36 hours.

What we learned

Throughout Relief Search creation, we learned to utilize each member’s unique skill sets to maximize each member’s contribution. This translated to working on the back end in setting up on Google's Cloud, working on the front end with React Native, or connecting both Front and BackEnd with node.js. In the end, we learned from each other’s strengths while contributing to our own.

What's next for relief-search

Red Cross, First Responders, Hospital staff, and Police Enforcement adoption. The application is there to be implemented with first responders. Giving loved ones peace of mind knowing everything is okay in a time of crisis is what Relief Search hopes to achieve next.

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