We all know someone who was affected by a hurricane. Whether it was hurricane Harvey or hurricane Katrina, thousands of people lose their homes, their belongings, their way of life as a result of these deadly storms

What it does

Our app is designed to help people find shelter, as well as to help locate individuals who have gotten trapped by debris. In case of loss of network/wifi connectivity, the app creates a hotspot that other user can track using the wifi signal strength indicators in the app itself. Through our easy to use UI and helpful, up-to-date information we plan to get everyone to safety as efficiently and quickly as we can.

How we built it

We built the app through a combination of languages, but the primary language was react-native. The back-end was built in node.js and hosted online through google cloud platform

Challenges we ran into

Just recently google released android 9. With this update they increased the security around hotspots as well changing google maps interactions. This held us back in a lot of aspects and resulted in us not having time to fully implement the ideas we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of how fluid our application is build and the aesthetic of our UI.

What we learned

Thing won't always quite go to plan and there will always be holdups in one aspect or another, what is important is to maintain your drive and get done what you can.

What's next for relief

After the extensive research and countless of google search result pages, be believe with just a little more time we could implement the ideas which we have been planning to, which include turning on hotspots from the app, enabling triple click to open the app in an emergency. We also plan on implementing an additional page for individuals who are lost so people can keep an eye out for them.

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