What I Did

At Apple, I designed, tested, and validated test procedures and test fixtures. I performed failure analysis to get to the root cause of in-field failures and then worked to make fixtures that would accurately re-create these field failures. Though Audio Reliability is a fairly specialized team, I worked with many other teams to meet project goals more effectively and efficiently. I established connections with different teams to draw on knowledge or experience that would be useful. At the end of the term, I presented my work to the executive team.

Projects I've Worked On

Ingress Fixture

One of the main projects I worked on involved designing, building, and testing a fixture used for ingress tests on audio products. The fixture recreated field failures and helped test and validate current and future products. Due to the nature of this project, I cannot go into more detail here, but feel free to reach out to me at mkrutiy@edu.uwaterloo.ca to learn more!

Intermittent Failures Tester

Intermittent issues happen in audio products but are very hard to re-create and monitor because of their sporadic nature. I used python to build a fixture that listens to playback of audio through various devices and analyzes the incoming audio data, classifying different issues and looking for intermittent issues. The test happens over a long period of time so that intermittent issues are indeed captured. The test returns concise and definitive results to the operator once the test is finished allowing the operator to make an informed decision.

More Projects

I worked on a few other projects but am unable to fo into more detail here. Feel free to reach out to me to hear more!

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