Relevance is a Chrome extension that intelligently alerts you when you're reading an article that impacts your friends.

Imagine you're reading a breaking news alert about a recent earthquake in San Francisco. Upon loading the page, Relevance will begin semantically parsing the article for key terms that relate to your friends, lighting up when a connection is discovered. After clicking on the glowing Relevance icon, you'll find all your friends who live in the Bay Area or are otherwise impacted. Clicking on a friend conveniently allows you to reach out and ask how they're doing.

In another scenario, you're reading a BuzzFeed article and you're unsure if it was already read or shared by your friends. With the network view in Relevance, you'll discover who's already read, shared, and commented on the link so that you can join the discussion with the people that matter to you. All of this insight is presented through a slick, directed network visualization.

The possibilities are endless. Relevance can detect millions of terms and perform fuzzy-matching to accurately identify connections among your Facebook likes, locations, friends and more. Just turn it on once, and Relevance disrupts the way you read on the web for the better. Check out the product screenshots for more awesome use cases.

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