Many successful startups like Product Hunt choose to build their product in public, roping in their user community. The transparency and sense of participation is crucial in building an engaged community of early adopters.

We're building a service called Hello Money by actively inviting Redditors to discuss our product and submit feature requests via AMA and comments. We want to take this approach further and really opt our users in our development process.

Engaging the community in development process is something that Meteor Development Group is also trying to improve, so we also hope this project can also serve as an inspiration for how Meteor can become more open and interactive.

What it does

  • Users are able to request and discuss product features and improvements.
  • Once builders announce release planning event, users and builders collaboratively vote on feature candidates.
  • Builders can perform a cost-benefit analysis to select features, and announce the new release plan to the users.

How we built it

Hack hack hack!!

We based the project on Telescope, which provides a basic CMS, commenting and upvote system, and user account setup out of the box, as well as numerous extensions for community building, such as newsletters.

We hacked Telescope "posts" and turned them into "product features". We added the concept of 2x2 planning grid and release management as our primary value adds.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was lack of time.

We also were working in a distributed team and socializing at the Seoul hackathon, so there was lots of noise and socializing going on. It made things more fun, but also made it hard to focus on the project.

None of us slept. :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Everybody's first Telescope project
  • Junhee's first front-end project
  • Howon's first Meteor project with us
  • Michael's first hackathon
  • Nobody died in the process
  • Keywon even had time to take a shower in the middle

Packages used


What we learned

Go into a hackathon well-rested! We all worked for 24 hours straight, and after a long work at week it was no walk in the park.

What's next for ReleaseIQ

You help us decide!

There are many obvious functionality gaps -- we did the best we could in a short time. We'll try using ReleaseIQ as tool to help prioritize our service Hello Money and hope we can improve both services as we go!

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